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I did a lot of preparation for my birth. I wrote a long post about it and if you're considering getting pregnant and thinking about birth I would recommend you read it.
I have to say though that postpartum is the real game. It is very challenging on a lot of different levels. I decided to share my story so far and hope this will help other women to realign their expectations about what happens after the birth of your child. There are several things at play in the postpartum period. Some of them are psychological on an individual level, another one on a couple's level and then there are physical things related to the birth and also related to parenting.
On a physical level, of course there's the weight you gained during pregnancy. It doesn't go away magically and I started with this because I was lucky enough to be at my pre-pregnancy weight just a month after Lucia's birth. 
After the birth, you'll have a belly which is probably the size of your belly at six month…

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