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I am the immigrant you hate

I was born in Brazil in 1982. Until 2005, I had never considered the idea of moving out of Brazil in any serious manner. When I got contacted by a Google recruiter in 2005, things changed for me in a meaningful way: for the first time I was considering leaving the country where I was born to live in a society where I did not understand the rules, the cultural context or the language.

As the interviews went through and I got to the next stage, things started getting more serious. When the recruiter told me there was just one decision left to be made I took it lightly. When she called me to give me the details of my offer, she asked me whether I understood that I was accepting a job offer to go live in Zurich, Switzerland. I said yes, even though looking back I had no idea how that would change me forever.

Moving to Europe was one of the most brave and most life changing experiences I could have lived. Not only for me, but for my family as well. They now would start traveling across the…

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