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Sleep like a baby

Once upon a time, a man somewhere in the world had insomnia. He slept at his usual bed time, 10pm, then woke up at 1am, and then every hour until the morning, when he gave up at 6am. He woke up for his day and he was a wreck. He was also a joker. Once he got to his job, people looked at his face and asked "what's this face?" and he responded "I slept like a baby!". Most of his colleagues, who had no children, thought he meant he slept well, and kept using that funny expression whenever they had a great night of sleep. What a troll that man. Babies are born with one reflex. They know how to suck a nipple. That's great for evolutionary reasons, as it is how they get fed, and then how they learn to relax. At the start of Lucia's life, I remember trying to keep her awake while she was nursing to ensure she got enough food. I made a joke to our midwife, Eva: "So this is how my life is going to be? Now I fight so she doesn't sleep and then I fight so

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