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My home birth project

After so many years struggling with fertility issues, it was a huge surprise to learn that I was pregnant again. This time the pregnancy came alongside many questions and decisions to be made. I had just started to speak with VTEX about a job as their Chief Technology Officer and I had a lot of conflicting thoughts about wanting to be pregnant again and wanting to have another child. We were just having that feeling that "we've survived!". After loads of conversations Mark and I decided we indeed wanted to be a family of four even though we have no idea what exactly it means until this day. Our daughter Livia is now 8 days old, and filled up our world once again with love. A friend (hello Anne!) once told me that the love just expands and you get more of it. That's exactly how I feel now that Livia is here, despite feeling a bit nervous about it up to the day of her birth. When we learned I was pregnant we were living in Zurich but we were already questioning whether

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