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If you're not using your cryopreserved eggs, consider donating them

In 2017 just before Mark and I got married I went through two egg retrieval processes for preservation of fertility. I wasn't 100% sure at that point whether we wanted to have children, but definitely wanted to have the option to have children if we or I decided in the future.As you might have read in my last blog posts, pregnancy wasn't always a given that would work out for me, so I also considered that even if I had eggs cryopreserved (technical term for frozen) maybe I wouldn't be able to get pregnant anyway.In July last year, just before I got pregnant, I consulted a fertility specialist in Brazil (Fertilitat, in Porto Alegre). After reviewing my files they recommended (shall I try IVF again) that I try a fresh cycle, since all my documents suggest I have no problems with egg quality. This would also rule out any issues with the eggs because of the long transport between US and Brazil.When I was still pregnant, I decided that I wouldn't go back to the US for ferti…

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