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Fernanda, the coach

Today I completed a Professional Coach Training Program, which I started in August last year.  I chose to do my training with CTI (Co-active Training Institute) which is one of the oldest organizations to provide such training for professional coach and they are also accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation). As the profession isn't regulated, such international organizations serve as a way to keep the standards high and provide credentials to those who are willing to undertake the process.

It is bittersweet to have finished, but also highly gratifying. I am grateful for having accepted the challenge, and a bit sad because it is an amazing experience to be in a room with other human beings that are there willing to expose themselves and find their own truth so they can help others find theirs. I am also grateful Mark pushed me to do it. He says I am great at it, but I Britishly think I am probably just ok.

Starting this training has definitely changed my management style …

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