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Running after pregnancy (episode #1)

One of the things that worried me the most with being pregnant, was whether I would be able to recover, and be active again. I like being active, but more than that, I like feeling that I can challenge my body to do things such as climbing or even training for silly Spartan races. When Lucia was born, I had the incredible support of a doula who's also a Yoga instructor . She was amazing help to get me slowly into some movement: first through breathing exercises, and then yoga. When I started feeling well from the yoga and didn't feel pelvic pain, I then started training with my all time favorite personal trainer of 9 years, Jamie. Pandemic has its upsides, as she can train me over Zoom. Nobody thought about training over Zoom before this pandemic, confess it. I didn't. But since Jamie knows me very well as we trained together in person for 7 years, it works pretty well. So I was almost there: I was back doing some yoga (now stopped because pandemic), I was doing some weight

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