Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jazz up your day

I've never been a Jazz person. But I have to admit that I am becoming one.

I always loved Brazilian music, specially because of the lyrics, but also because its a kind of music that you can listen always. Lyrics for me are very important, and we have so many good song writers in Brazil. Interpretation is also very important. I like to feel the music, and if the person singing it doesn't feel it herself, then you can be sure that singer is not playing again in my player.

Life has soundtrack, I always say. My life, a person who grown up with music all around, its gotta have a freaking awesome soundtrack! :)

Ok, back to the Jazz. I've been trying to find new singers that I would listen to. New music that would bring away the feeling that I have that most of my favorite singers/bands or are retired, or are dead. Makes me feel bad to think that my life's soundtrack is limited for lack of new material.

I was introduced last year to by a friend. I have to say that I find that website/service pretty awesome! And was exactly that put me in touch with some really good Jazz singers, like Melody Gardot. I have also been listening to Madeleine Peyroux, found by Herman while travelling in Oboke, Japan. Ayo is also really good, but she is more of a Blues, Folk singer.

Next July, I am going to Montreux Jazz Festival to see Melody and Madeleine singing live. I am sooooo excited!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feijoada 2009

Almost every year, around this time, I prepare feijoada here in Zurich for some friends. This year wasn't different. The party was awesome, really. So I decided to share the stats, and some photos, in case you're curious....

There will be another version of traditional nanda's feijoada next year, don't worry!

Photos here:

Some party statistics....

10 liters of feijoada
2 Kg of black beans
1.5 Kg of rice
1Kg of manioc flower
2.5Ks of manioc
2.5Kg of orange
2Kg of cheese bread
5 baguettes
7l of cachaça
1l of whisky
1l of vodka
8l of guaraná
6.5Kg of lime/lemon (yes, all in caipirinha format)
5 dessert plates (did anyone try those? they disappeared sooo fast!)
40 counted people (probably more showed up)
uncountable number of beers...
...during 11 hours of party!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats! You did a great job!