Feijoada 2009

Almost every year, around this time, I prepare feijoada here in Zurich for some friends. This year wasn't different. The party was awesome, really. So I decided to share the stats, and some photos, in case you're curious....

There will be another version of traditional nanda's feijoada next year, don't worry!

Photos here: http://tinyurl.com/feijnanda09

Some party statistics....

10 liters of feijoada
2 Kg of black beans
1.5 Kg of rice
1Kg of manioc flower
2.5Ks of manioc
2.5Kg of orange
2Kg of cheese bread
5 baguettes
7l of cachaça
1l of whisky
1l of vodka
8l of guaraná
6.5Kg of lime/lemon (yes, all in caipirinha format)
5 dessert plates (did anyone try those? they disappeared sooo fast!)
40 counted people (probably more showed up)
uncountable number of beers...
...during 11 hours of party!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats! You did a great job!


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