Next trip -- Karlsruhe/Germany

I'm really glad to know that my plan of attending for LinuxTag worked out, and now I'm just organizing the things around here for this long trip.

It will be my first time in Europe, and I'm really excited to know that I'll meet lots of friends there: Leon, Mako, Georg, Meike, Dalibor, Fede, Bea...that will make me feel less "out of place"...

I'll give a talk at LinuxTag with the same name than my blog here: Free Software with a Female touch, in which I'll talk about women's participation in technologies and in Free Software community, explaining a little deeply about two projects in which I'm working today: PSL Mulheres and Debian Women.

After LinuxTag, I'll finally meet the guys of LTC Germany, group that is working together with LTC Brazil in some projects.

Sure, I'm planning to bring some cachaça, once I could be in risk of being deported back to Brazil if I came in Karlsruhe without any bottle :)

Also, we'll have some FSFLA t-shirts available to sell.

Let's see if the people around there can have good parties for nerds like we have in our events here in Brazil :)


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