Big foot

Well, as some people already know, I arrived in Tokyo last Saturday. The weather here is awesome, if compared to Zurich. I went out wearing just a t-shirt and jeans. No jacket, no hat. It gave me a weird feeling of freedom.

While organizing my luggage for my month-and-a-half long trip, I decided not to bring summer shoes, and thought it would be cool to buy some over here. I do have a pretty international wardrobe, so why not?

As I said Saturday was a nice day, so we went walking around, looking for random stuff that I didn't bring from Switzerland. We passed by some shoes shop, where I learned that I am actually LARGE size for Japanese standards. How is that possible? My shoes size in Europe is 38, which is considered small!

So far, I haven't been able to find any shoes that a) I would wear, and b) would fit me, in the limited "special large sizes" selection at the shops. Here, the shoes sizes are in centimeters. My foot is 23,5 or 24cm, but it is considered too big! Most of the shops do not even have size 24 for most models.

I still have no shoes, but will keep on trying. Feels weird to have to search for stuff in the special "large sizes" section, though.


Unknown said…
Welcome to my world!
In Brazil your size isn't so small to a woman.

But for me is difficult to find tennis (43-44 in Brazil, 11.5-12 USA)

I can't imagine buying shoes in japan. Maybe I personal havaianas, or a monster crocs. :p

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