Time for feedback

Right after FISL, it is usually time to receive a lot of acknowledgments for organizing such a great conference. It is really cool to get those, they work like gasoline on fire to help our motivation increase and get us into organizing the next one. Most of those positive feedback we get through e-mail. They e-mail one of the organizers and we try to make sure we spread the news among all the team, so everybody get a little of the praise.

Other people try to make sure they point out the bad things they saw during the conference. Usually I don't answer them, unless I get the messages directly. But I have to say that I find it at least interesting to see that, usually the bad feedback is not sent by e-mail to the organizers, but posted in blogs and community websites. Those are also important because we can have an insight on what to improve, when it makes sense.

I would like to thank all people for all feedback, even though I would prefer to see the bad feedback coming straight to us. I am pretty sure that even though we try to read around a lot, it is very likely we missed some of the posts, or some not so popular website, or even a website we usually don't read.

Who knows? Maybe next year we'll have a FISL that will make more people happy than this year :)


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