The world on my shoulders

In the past weeks I felt like the world was siting on my shoulders. And believe me, the world is heavy!

I had way too many different things to deal with, and spent a lot of energy to make small moves. I think those days are over.

Today I have a big presentation at my work, that I have been preparing for the past month or so. This was one of the heavy things I was carrying on.

I always try to get the best possible done, and whenever I am doing something new that I don't have comparison parameters, I get the feeling I am not doing enough. So I redo things over and over again, just to get to the conclusion it doesn't look much different than the first time. And people around me think the result is great. But I don't agree.

Today is also the first FSFE Fellowship meeting in Zurich after I got elected vice-president, I'm going there straight from my presentation in the afternoon.

Besides work, everything is nice. I am feeling like a new version of myself: waking up early, having fun, going regularly to the gym. Life is good, heart is calm, friends are great!


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