My wedding day

Last night I had the most weird dream ever.

It was my wedding day, and my mom and this other woman were dressing me up. My dress was horrible, and there was all those pieces that had to be worn individually. I was crying so much. I was desperate. Sad, very sad.

Time goes by, the dressing drama is still happening, and I was feeling each time more suffocated with the whole situation. I run away, and leave all the people behind. My mom was yelling at me saying I was crazy. I woke up.

Didn't see my "future husband" on my dream. I woke up feeling relief.


Unknown said…
wow, what a dream! :-S
I wish you more beautiful dreams and your dreams comes true for you! :o) I wish you all the best for future and your family.
Merry christmas and a happy new year 2010! love greetings Stefan

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