We usually tend to find life difficult, until some bad thing happen and makes things truly difficult.

A few weeks ago, I was in one more of my usual business trips to the US, when I learned that my mom was at the hospital for a heart surgery. She is actually pretty lucky to be alive. She had a test made which monitored her heart for 24 hours and the doctors learned that her heart stopped 24 times in that timeframe. Tell me about scary.

Well, I took the first flight I could from the US to Porto Alegre, to stay with her. I had a feeling that if I was there, she wouldn't be allowed to leave me. Or leave us.

She is fine now, and a happy owner of a pacemaker. She looks healthier than before. It is amazing how being healthy is always stamped on your forehead, but we just don't give a shit about it. We don't read the signs from our own body.

Anyway, in the middle of that crisis, which has passed but still affects daily life for all of us, I had the chance, for the first time in a few years, of spending 15 consecutive days with my family. I call that quality time. We were united again, we felt like a team again. Well, at least most of us did, I am sure.

I think I can say that two weeks ago I had one of the largest crisis in my life. I am so glad I had so many people I love and who loves me around, and that they also took care of me when I had to take care of others. That's how it is in the end. One helps the other and everybody gets stronger that way.

Now I am back to Zurich, to work, and trying to get my daily routine back to normal. It is hard, but I will get there.


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