Mario Quintana

He was a writer and translator from my home state in Brazil. He got known as the poet of simplicity. Saw this on my timeline today, thought I would translate and share. Not sure if anything he wrote ever got translated to English. Pardon my poor English though, I am not a poet myself, so be ready for a poor job at conveying his light, cheerful and heart-filling message.

"Over time you start noticing that to be happy with someone else you need, first of all, not to need that person... you learn about loving yourself, taking care of yourself, and specially, about loving those who also love you.

The secret is not to run after the butterflies, it is to take care of your garden so the butterflies come after you.

In the end, you'll find not the one you were looking for, but someone who was actually looking for you."


Loïc Guelorget said…
I like this poet already.
nandaweiden said…
Will try to translate some more simple cute things in the future :-)

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