Going back "home"

In October, 2012 I moved from Europe to the United States for a professional challenge. And in June of this year, I am going back to Europe.

The time I spent here in the United States were magical and unique. I met wonderful people, wonderful places and had amazing professional opportunities.

The teams I have been part of taught me a lot, and I hope that they also have learned something with me. Facebook's infrastructure team is a dream team.

Fortunately, I have the privilege of working in a company that has always supported me and also encouraged me to pay attention and accept new challenges. And also a company that gave the change of changing countries, position, and keep my job, which is the best I ever had. I am extremely grateful to Facebook for that.

I won't thank or list a million people and tell them how special they are to me because I am not saying goodbye. I am not disappearing. And you who have been part of my professional or personal life in the past two years know how much I appreciate your friendship. I work in a company head-quartered in California so I will spend quite a bit of time around here, therefore I won't say goodbye (I also hate saying goodbye).

So, friends from Europe, or those who visit Europe once in a while, starting this summer if you're passing by London message me and let's meet.

The professional challenge? I will help building Facebook's Security organization in Europe. I have always "flirted" with Security, but haven't had the chance to dedicate myself full time to this area, which always caught my interest. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience and that I will learn a lot and hopefully teach a little bit too.


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