Back to Sao Paulo...

Finally I'm back home after 25 days in Germany. No words to say how cool was my trip.

I would like to thanks all the FSFE people for being so cool with me during LinuxTag. I really hope that FSFLA will have a really united team as you have. Well, we are working for it...

Also, my time in Hamburg was really, really great. The Hamburg's channels were really great, 200Km/h in the Autobanh by motorcycle also cool.

I really enjoyed each of all the minutes I spent there.

Europe is just like we see in movies here. Everything is so organized that made me feel looking to a picture, or watching a movie. And clean! Well...excluding the ice cream guy caring the waffer without protection in the hands and caring the money with the same hand (bleh!).

Besides, here in Brazil...Ministers being changed, Paulista Ave completly destroyed after a football game last week (and the team won the competition), workers party having their directors changed. I don't need to talk about traffic jam and polution, do I?

I really hope to have the opportunity to move to Recife, Salvador or any other city where the sea would make me forget about the problems around :)

Now, time to organize the stuff to get the flight to Ottawa tomorrow. Next adventure: Ottawa Linux Symposium.


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