Monday, October 4, 2010

Five - Relaxing day

Today I spent mostly relaxing and doing nothing. I went for lunch at a friend's place, and then came back home. I varnished my outside table and chairs. I didn't have enough varnish for all of them. But I have to say that I really enjoy those "at home by myself" experiences. I spent hours and hours siting outside, making a mess, and doing for once something productive that didn't have a keyboard as input method.

While I was enjoying varnishing my table, I was listening to music and thinking about life. This is one of the songs, very cute. After the daylight was over, I came inside and watched movies, including Thelma and Louise.

Today's song is Tribalistas, Grão de Amor.

Me deixe sim
Mas só se for
Pra ir ali
E pra voltar

Me deixe sim
Meu grão de amor
Mas nunca deixe
De me amar

Agora as noites são tão longas
No escuro eu penso em te encontrar
Me deixe só
Até a hora de voltar

Me esqueça sim
Pra não sofrer
Pra não chorar
Pra não sentir

Me esqueça sim
Que eu quero ver
Você tentar
Sem conseguir

A cama agora está tão fria
Ainda sinto seu calor
Me esqueça sim
Mas nunca esqueça o meu amor

É só você que vem
No meu cantar meu bem
É só pensar que vem

Láia laia

Me cobre mil telefonemas
Depois me cubra de paixão
Me pegue bem
Misture alma e coração

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