Three - Wohoo!

I can't believe that time has passed so fast. Tomorrow I have such a busy day that it will for sure pass by as it were just 24 minutes, and then it will be the packing and running to the airport day.

My flight is already overbooked, which means that I have chances of getting an upgrade, and that will make me get much more fresh to Sao Paulo on Friday.

Anyway, B hates romance in the literary mean. The thing about dying of love and so on. I prefer to ignore the over romantic parts of a song, and just go with the mood of the rest. I was hesitant on posting this song, but I will anyway. Its's "Final Feliz", Jorge Vercillo.

Chega de fingir
Eu não tenho nada a esconder
Agora é pra valer
Haja o que houver

Não tô nem aí
Eu não tô nem aqui pro que dizem
Eu quero é ser feliz
E viver pra ti

Pode me abraçar sem medo
Pode encostar sua mão na minha

Meu amor
Deixa o tempo se arrastar sem fim

Meu amor,
não há mal nenhum gostar assim

Oh, meu bem
Acredite no final feliz
Meu amor
Meu amor


Contributing with the videos, there is a live version by Vercilo himself(awful video quality):
and a cheesiser version w/ violins and Caetano Velloso:

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