...but if you try sometime you find you get what you need

This is a follow up from a post made in May 17: You can't always get what you want.

Hopefully you got the reference to the lyrics of Rolling Stones. I am not a big fan but interestingly enough this song was stuck in my mind back in May like what Germans call a Ohrwurm (earworm).

Its almost 6 months since I left my job at Facebook to pursue more time with friends, family and doing things I love outside work.

During this time we moved to Zurich, rented an apartment, moved in, went on a climbing vacation, spent more time with mine and Mark's family than ever and in general had a much calmer day to day life than previously.

I was very surprised to learn after our climbing vacation that I was pregnant. And now, a few weeks down the road and out of first trimester insecurities, I am super happy to share that Mark and I are expecting a baby, due to join our climbing group in May.

It does seem that even though you can't always get what you want, and most definitely not when you want it, if you try sometime you find you get what you need.

A bit about this pregnancy...

When I left the US, Mark and I had an agreement that we'd not overthink trying to conceive too much. After 2 years thinking about this A LOT, I was tired.

I didn't want to pee on sticks and be stressed about it. But being a nerd, I decided to compromise purchasing Ava, a bracelet that keeps track of fertility cycles for women trying to conceive. It collects data, learn about the user, does some AI magic and tells which days you're more likely to succeed trying to conceive.

I wore Ava for 3 cycles, and I got pregnant. I was so impressed with the product, I sent them an email sharing my story and giving them feedback about the product. I never expected to hear back. But I did. They happen to be a startup based in Zurich, and they invited me for a Q&A with their team to chat about my experience and celebrate the mark of 30000 pregnancies with Ava, where I also got the first gift for the baby. A little nerd already has tech swag and wasn't even born yet ;-)

All in all, I really recommend the product. It is non invasive, just a bracelet you wear over night and of course, it doesn't take away the "timed sex" part of the burden, but for me just not having to pee on sticks was a great start.


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