Nine - CD

A few (maybe many) years ago, B gave me a CD as a gift, with lots of cool songs. I remember being in Sao Paulo driving my car listening to it, and singing, having a good time. You have to entertain yourself somehow when you spend at least 2 hours of your day stuck in traffic.

One of the songs in this DVD was Aretha Franklin, You Make Me Feel. So that's today's song.

Looking out on the morning rain
I used to feel so uninspired
and when i knew i had to face another day
lord it made me feel so tired.
before the day i met you,
life was so unkind
You're the key to my piece of mind

cause you make me feel
you make me feel
you make me feel like a natural woman (woman)

when my soul was in the lost and found
you came along to claim it
i didnt know just what was wrong with me
till your kiss helped me name it.
now im no longer doubtful of what im living for
and if i make you happy i dont need to do more


ohh baby what ya done to me (whatcha done to me)
made me feel so good inside (good inside)
and i just wanna be (wanna be)
close to you you make me feel so alive


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